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Osteopathy For Everyone In London

What We Do

Welcome to Crouch End Osteopaths. Osteopathy is a gentle and effective, natural therapy, used for over 100 years, which can help a wide range of problems including joint pains and sport injuries. The osteopath uses a number of methods to treat pain, ranging from massage of muscles to manipulation and movement of joints.


At Crouch End Osteopaths, an initial one-hour consultation will determine the number of sessions required, differing depending on the individual. We have fully qualified osteopaths at our clinic who carry our osteopathy on men, women and children of all ages.

We Now Offer Sports & Remedial Massage.


We work with clients throughout London, so don't hesitate to get in contact with us today if you think that we can help you.


Sports Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders from sport or exercise are too common problems for a lot of people. Crouch End Osteopaths offers are thorough non-invasive solution. 

Our sports injuries treatment approach addresses the root cause of injuries as well as their symptoms. Contact us of a quick consultation and we will be happy to help. 

Modern rehabilitation physiotherapy worker with a senior female client


Sciatica pain can make your day to day activities difficult to perform. This pain can make it difficult to find comfort in any position, whether you are sitting standing or lying down. At Crouch End Osteopaths, we perform a thorough assessment to get to the bottom of your problem. 

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Arthritic Pain

Although there is no cure for arthritis, osteopathic treatment can help release muscle tension and around the affected area to improve range of movement therefore encouraging better joint health. See our treatments page for more information

Man in athletic sneakers checking his ankle orthosis or brace on the stree.jpg


 After working as a structural engineer for 25 years, Lead Osteopath, Norman decided to change career. He joined the British School of Osteopathy Extended pathway in 1999 and was invited by Senior Anatomy Lecturer, Sue Palfreyman to join Crouch End Osteopaths (Est 1994) since qualifying in 2004. With experience treating sports injuries as well as the treatment of expectant mother, babies & children, Norman has turned Crouch End Osteopath into a masterpiece with a team of osteopath  associates and masseuses to deliver and exceptional service in the field of osteopathy. 


Knee Joint Examination
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